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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Down with flu...

I must have caught the flu virus from this woman sitting next to me at the cinema last weekend! She was coughing away without covering her mouth, so inconsiderate! Anyway, the flu came on quite badly by Wed and I had to leave half-way from work to see a doctor near my place.

Besides the onset of flu, my blood pressure reading was still high, about 90/150 and the doctor was quite concerned. She wanted me to bring my blood pressure monitoring machine from home to her clinic to measure to confirm that the measuring machine I am using at home is accurate. I went down to the clinic again the next day and fortunately, it is accurate. She wanted me to continue with the home monitoring and alert my gynae should the reading reaches close to 90/140.

By Sat, my sore throat had subsided but not the cough and running nose. In fact, I had lots of phlegm when coughing and the running nose is making my nose sore! I went to see the doctor again and more meds was given. Sigh.... really hate to take medicine but no choice, had to quickly nurse myself back to good health for the sake of my babies!! Oh, and appetite has been poor... everything tastes so bland! Really hope for the flu virus to go away soon!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back to work!

Oh man... finally, I am able to get out of the house! I felt great to be back in office. Well, colleagues had been supportive and understanding and I am really thankful...

I went for a follow-up checkup on Tue, 12 Jun (Week 13, Day 1) and the twinnies are doing well; one @ 7.6cm (the first picture) and the other @ 6.4cm (the second picture). Quite a difference isn't it? Well, the gynae assured us that this is not an issue and that the smaller twin should catch up along the way. See their pictures below...

Hmmm... however, mummy' s not so well... my blood pressure reading was at 100/160 which is considered very high! Thus, the gynae gave me MC for the next day and wanted me to monitor at home before deciding if I need to be put on medication or not. Well, I had been monitoring the last few days and the reading is not so high at home... a little high, probably on the average of about 86/136... let's see what the gynae would recommend.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Yipee... It's Week 12!

The twinnies had officially graduated from embryos to foetuses... Next Monday, I will be back at work! Looking forward to going back office because I had been away too long and really missed some of my dear colleagues... hee hee.
Hmm.. still having occasional brown discharge. Also, these couple of days, I had been experiencing headaches, especially in the afternoon. I will check with my gynae during my next appointment next week.