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Friday, September 28, 2007

Twinnies are super active at night!

You know, over the past week, I had woken up at least 3 times to fill my stomach during the pre-dawn hours! My 2 little darlings are especially active at night and should I wake up to pee, I would feel them kicking away the moment I get in position to continue my beauty sleep! And at times, I'll feel so hungry that I just could not fall back to sleep if I did not eat something.

Now, I've learnt the trick. Before I sleep, I make sure I have some night snack. It seemed to work, at least for last night... hehe...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Third trimester's here!

My, my... I've reached my third trimester(28th week) this week! We went for the monthly check-up and scan on Tue and the twinnies are at 1.2 kg and 1.4 kg respectively!

Based on past statistics, the heavier one should be the boy... hehe... My gynae took quite some time to figure out where they are as space is getting more and more limited by the day. Ha ha, he was trying to figure out where's the legs of the first twin that he was scanning!! It was quite comical then.... haha. Now, the twinnies are postioned diagonally across each other. Hmmm........ come to think about it, it makes sense in terms of space optimisation.

As the load I am carrying now is close to a single full-term baby, my gynae advised that I should rest as much as possible and reduce walking. He wrote me a letter advising that I should work from home from now till delivery. Thankfully, my bosses and colleagues were very understanding and supportive and I had no problem making such arrangements at all.

So, starting from today, I'll be working from home full-time but will still go in office if my presence is required for important meetings or discussions. Hmm... the other alternative for meeting arrangements is teleconference, of course!

Friday, September 21, 2007

@Week 27 and feeling the weight!

We attended the last session of our antenatal class last Sat which was on taking care of the new born baby, which includes proper sterilisation methods for the feeding bottles, bathing and massaging the new born, etc. Very informative indeed! I would recommend all first-time mummies to attend such classes, preferably at the hospital they plan to deliver.

Oh, and the shopping continues... keke... Recently, I just bought a very comforter set for the baby cot from Aussino. It is just so beautiful that I could not resist... I wanted to buy some more bedsheets but they are out of stock at the moment. Gosh... this year is indeed a bumper year of babies!

Now, gotta take stock of all the baby stuff that I had bought, plus those handed over from friends and see what else I need to buy. Better get it soon as I can feel myself getting heavier and clumsier by the day... and I need to be extra careful!!

In fact, I have made arrangements to work from home about 2 days from home each week as my gynae had advised that I should not be walking too much due to twin pregnancy.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's shopping time... ;)

We went for our antenatal class last Sat and the entire session was on breast feeding! The session was very informative, covering topics from what to expect, what are the problems you might face, the importance of family support, etc...

We were so inspired that we went to get Medela PIS Advanced at Baby Kingdom the next day. Besides that, we also bought the baby cot, a MIM sling and some other items for babies' daily use.

You may be wondering... why only 1 baby cot for twins? Well, I gotten feedback that babies do not turn during their first 2 months, thus, it should be fine to put both on the same baby cot for the time being. Subsequently, we shall get a play pen which could double up as a bed for the other twin... ;) Isn't this a great idea? The play pen can also serve as their play area during day time when they are older!

What a sense of achievement after buying all these stuff!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

@24 weeks ...

I went for my 24th week scan on Tue, 28 Aug and my twinnies had grown considerably! The left twin's weight was @705g (this should be the boy) and the right twin @655g (the girl). They were moving quite a bit during the scan, though so the image captured was quite hazy...

The doctor wanted to control my blood pressure better so he prescribed my aspirin, to take 3/4 tablet per day. Hoewever, when I took the medicine the next day, my eyes got a little bit swollen; my eye lids looked as if there's a couple of mosquito bites there! Oh dear, looks like I am allergic to the medicine. The doctor advised that I stopped the medication immediately and he would discuss the next best course of action during my next appointment.

Yesterday, I had a departmental event. We went for a wine appreciation course at Wine Bos and it was informative and lots of fun. Well, the only drawback is I CANNOT DRINK! ARGHHHH!!! I did take a couple of sips of the first white wine though and that's about it. Although I can't drink, the food was great too! They served quite a variety, from cheese and crackers to nachos to sausages to chips! The waitress was pretty attentive and seeing that I am pregnant, she even served me iced water to dilute the effects of the alcohol. That's what I call great service!