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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Checkup @33 weeks...

The twins are now @2.2 kg and 2kg! Wow... its count down time! About 3 more weeks to go but gynae is hoping that the twins can stay in me till 37th week. That would be most ideal for them.

I was given hospitalisation leave till my next appointment on 13th Nov. Luckily, I've handed over most of my work and duties and my bosses and colleagues had been most supportive and understanding during my pregnancy period!! One of them even came to my house for the handover session as I was working from home during the entire month of October... ;) So nice of her right?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Backache and headache!!

Oh my, last Tue night, I suddenly felt a piercing pain at my lower back, near to the right hip when I got up from the chair after dinner! It was so painful that I had to walk like a tortise and every step taken was a torture! I rested early that night upon some advice from friends. It seems like having bedrest would help to relieve the pain.

True enough, the next morning when I woke up, I felt better but it came back again after I sat down for half an hour or so doing work. I called my gynae to check and the nurse advised me to bedrest too. Thus, I took urgent leave to rest in bed. By evening time, it's indeed much better and I managed to find out more info about it from the Internet. Click here to understand more about back pain during pregnancy and ways to relieve it.

Then, yesterday, came headache and I slept the whole Sunday away! Somehow, the pain was only at my right side and its an intense pain, so much so that I just could not do anything but sleep!

Just before bedtime, I got my hubby to give me a back and head massage and this morning, I wake up feeling fresh and the headache's gone! Cool... now I what's the remedy... ;P

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How to get a good night's sleep ...

Due to the expanding tummy (now, its @44 inches already!), getting a good night's sleep is getting more tough! I will often be awakened by some numbness at parts of the body or some uncomfy sleeping position... Arghhhhhhh.....

Then, last night, I got my hubby to do a back massage (some simple techniques taught due ante-natal classes) for me before sleeping and amazingly, I slept better last night! Wow... it works! Now, I know what to do when I have sleepless nights.... keke...

Another time, I was woken up due to hunger and had to wake up to eat some bread because the babies' are drumming away in my tummy! Haha.. they must be feeling hungry too!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My twinnies @31 weeks...

Guess what's the weight of the twins now? The left twin is @1.9 kg and the right one @1.8 kg already! Wow... no wonder I am walking s l o w e r a n d s l o w e r , h a h a . . . . .

During the scan, the right twin was moving quite a lot and the doctor took a long time trying to figure out where are the legs, haha. I strongly suspect that the right twin is the girl because since the beginning of the pregnancy, the smaller twin aka the right twin had always been the more active one.

Based on the current position of the twins (one is head down and the other at breech position), I would have to undergo a caesarean. My gynae even told us that we can start choosing a date for the op already because good dates are taken up very fast.

My gynae also advised that I should rest by end-Oct as I would be very heavy by then. He is hoping that the twins can stay in me till late Nov, if possible. As usual, he advised that I should reduce walking.

Count down to delivery... 5 more weeks to go!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting clumsier... need to be EXTRA Careful!

Ha ha... one of the common issues faced by all pregnant women! Clumsy! I even dropped a bottle of Yakult that I took out from the fridge and a mess was created because it spilled on the floor!

Luckily, the part-time cleaner was around then and I could ask them to clear up... Phew!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Feeling heavier with each passing day...

Now, I am going on my 30th week of pregnancy and really feeling the weight... Guess what is my waist line now? It has hit 42 inches!

I went in office yesterday for a couple of meeting and felt breathless even when I talked too much at a stretch! Gosh... and after taking a taxi back home, I felt kinda unwell... felt like puking... it must be due to the jerking effect of the taxi and there was an instance that he braked quite suddenly and gave me a scare! Although he apologised, the damage's done. Nevertheless, I made it home safely... keke...

My appetite's not too good these few days... guess the twins' must have occupied all the space and there's not much left for the stomach... haha...

Oh, and my finger joints are painful the whole day! And, the feet's getting more swollen too, including the ankle... looks like the water retention symptoms are getting more serious!

What I love most are the kicks and movements of the babies! It's getting more apparent now as they are stronger! Counting down already... about 6 more weeks to go... Can't wait to see my 2 darlings!! ;)