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Sunday, August 26, 2007

More movement by the twinnies!

Now @23rd week, My 2 darlings' movements are more apparent now and even my hubby felt it! Haha, he was thrilled when he first experienced it! So far, it appears like the girl is the more active one (the one on top).

With my tummy growing by the day, my feet also getting more swollen, I am getting clumsier man... haha. I really need to watch every step I take and be extra careful. Sleeping at night is also getting uncomfortable and I often wakes up to shift my body due to numbness after being in a position for too long. Also, it is not recommended to sleep face up due to the weight of the tummy so I have to sleep either on my left (which is recommended as its the best position for the babies to absorb the nutrients as well as increase the blood flow) or right side.

Yesterday, I went for a pedicure with my sister. Ha ha, it's also getting tough for me to cut my toe nails! It was a great session and the nail colour chosen looks great. I really felt quite pampered...

Oh, and I went for a baby shopping spree at Takashimaya Baby Fair too! The selection was very comprehensive with some genuine discounts... very shiok! Haha... felt very satisfied after the shopping's done!

Next Tue is my 6th month scan... looking forward to see my 2 darlings man...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Another one of those preggy problems...

I had a bad bout of constipation during the last few days and this morning, the stools were so hard and tough to output that there's bleeding! Gosh, I was quite alarmed and thought I better check with the doctor about it. I was given some meds to soften the stools and some tablets to help in output in case I need it. Oh, and my blood pressure was on the high side again, not too sure if it is due to the constipation problem or not though... Anyway, he instructed me to have a good rest today...

Last Saturday, I went for my 2nd ante-natal class at Mt Alvernia. The topics were on proper posture and back care, some basic exercises for strengthening tummy, pelvic region, as well as massaging techniques to help all the mtb relax... Cool! The best part is the massaging techniques, of course! Haha, now my hubby would have no excuse not to do massages for me since he had mastered the techniques!

Oh, and incidently, last Saturday was my birthday! We went to Michelangelo's Italian Restaurant at Chip Bee Gardens for a celebration dinner... We enjoyed the food and ambience there (I had the lobster pasta... yummy! and my hubby had the grilled lamb), especially the tiramisu! It's done to perfection, with just the right amount of liquor and coffee combination.