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Friday, March 30, 2007

Lots of wee wee during wee hours...

I think it must be the hormone pills at work, because I had been waking up like 3 times last night to wee wee.. Gosh, kinda disruptive sleep really... but no worries, catch up on the sleeping part after breakfast... ;P

Well, to increase my progesterone level, my doc had actually embarked on a 3-pronged approach, which is injection, oral medication, plus crinone, the vaginal gel. Let's hope this works! I will be going for the blood test again tomorrow morning to check the level. Keeping fingers crossed!!

Hmmm, I also gathered from the pals at the IVF forum that all these hormonal stuff might cause mood swings... haha... hasn't happen to me yet though... My hubby is pretty lucky, huh? However, I better warn him first...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Drowsy day

Hmmm, the progesterone tablets really made me quite drowsy... slept really early yesterday night; around 10pm! This morning, had a little nap after taking the medicine too! Oh dear, becoming a pig already! Somehow, there's an aching pain at my buttocks where they administered the jab yesterday... sigh...

Yesterday evening, I tried making chawanmushi and its quite a success. Well, it's using the recipe under "Fav Sites"... although I did modify a little on the ingredients. You may give it a try too if you are a cooking fanatic. ;P

As advised by the nurses and doc, I should relax and rest during these 2 weeks to maximise the chance of the embies implanting. So, how to relax? Hmmm... first thing is not to think about WORK! haha... which i am trying hard not to! Hee... somehow, my colleagues always come to my mind and I'll be wondering how they are coping. The reason being our team is undergoing a lot of changes and there's a fair amount of uncertainties.

Of course, the way to relax is to do the things I enjoy la... haha... and it should not be strenuous stuff. Well, as I enjoy cooking, looks like this is a chance to try out some other new recipes! Ha ha... will keep you posted if I have other great recipes to share!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First blood test during 2WW

This morning, I went for my blood test to determine if my progesterone level is ok. Shortly after lunch, the nurse called to say that the level is not good; the reading is just 48. I would need to go down in the afternoon for an injection, plus take progesterone tablets!

Gosh! no choice... gotta go downtown again! btw, it had started to drizzle... sian... Luckily, I managed to flag a cab easily, went Mt E, take the jab, collect the medicine and now I am back home, typing away...

Well, according to the nurse, the progesterone tablets may cause drowsiness so I may be sleeping most of the time for the next few days... haha... rest more and hope the embies co-operate and successfully implant! What else can I do? Try to relax, pray, eat and sleep well!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My 2WW has just begun!

This is my 2nd shot at IVF... As I have remaining embies from the last failed attempt last Oct, I did FET this round. Based on the previous experience, I was very tense during ET and doc felt that that could have affected the chances of success... Imagine, other patients just need 10 mins to do ET, mine was half an hour!! Imagine having to control a full bladder for half an hour!! The agony was really indescribeable...

In preparation for the coming FET, my doc recommended to do a video laparoscopy to check that everything's all right in my uterus, at the same time, remove a polyp along the cervix that was obstructing the tube during the earlier ET procedure (which explains why my ET procedure took exceptionally long!). Fortunately, the video laparoscopy, done last Dec, revealed that all is fine.

For the FET this round, my doc advised that I be on GA so that my body will be on relaxed mood and hopefully, the chances of implantation is higher... I was really relieved that I can go for this option as my bladder control power is not so good.. haha... thus, will be especially tense if I need to hold a full bladder...

The FET procedure, done on 26th Mar @4.30pm, went very smoothly and i had no side-effects from the GA at all, except feeling a little gorgy for a while upon waking up. I rested at the ward for 3 hrs after the procedure, then went home. This morning, i went to the nearby supermarket to buy some liver and pork meat to cook lunch for myself for the next few days... haha.. i did take care to walk slowly, haha.. felt quite weird to be walking s o s l o w l y. . . it also felt good to breath in some fresh air...

My 2WW has just begun! Today is only the first day! Seriously, this round, I dared not have high hopes... All I can do now is to pray, eat well, sleep well, relax and leave the rest to fate!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My first blog

yo... just thought I'll try blogging for fun. Currently, facing lots of uncertainties... at the family front, my hubby and I had been trying to start a family for a number of years already and now, we had decided to embark on the IVF journey. It is indeed a tough and tedious journey, having failed my first try last year. I will be doing FET next week, so keeping my fingers crossed for good news after the 2WW (2 week wait).