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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An amazing experience...@20th week!

I went for my detailed scan at Thomson Medical Centre today (@20 weeks + 1 day) and the mystery is finally revealed! I am expecting a boy and a girl! Their statistics as below:

  • Twin 1 - lower twin @381 g (boy)
  • Twin 2 - upper twin @300 g (girl)
All their main organs and limbs were scanned and everything turned out well. We even saw them moving quite a bit! The girl was playing with her hands at some point of time and turning here and there... As for the boy, at one point, his legs were wide open and we saw his vital organ quite obviously... ha ha... The twinnies were moving so much that the doctor could not scan their hearts properly so we had to take a break and be back for another attempt!

During the wait, I told the twinnies to be good and co-operative and not move so much, haha. Fair enough, they moved less during the 2nd attempt and the doctor managed to get the statistics successfully. Hmm... talking to them actually works!

The experience was just amazing!! See pictures below for some interesting poses of the twinnies ...

Picture 1: it's the little prince... the heavy one @381g!

Picture 2: it's the sweet princess... the more active one @300g!

Picture 3: on the left side is the princess and right side is the prince, both curled up... Find the arrow which is pointing to their vital parts!!

Picture 4: The twinnies, head to head... so loving right?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fluttery feeling at tummy...

I felt some bubbly, fluttery feeling at my tummy last night at around 3am! Well, its kind of hard to describe... Must be my darlings' movements!! It happened when I changed my position from sleeping on my right to left side.

Hmmm... I did not sleep too well last night. I had to change position constantly as I was not comfortable if I had been at a position for too long...

Friday, July 27, 2007

What an eventful week!

Firstly, my department is shifting from 7th to 5th floor during these 2 weeks so my office is in quite a mess and there's lots of boxes and packing going on. Thus, I decided its best for me to work from home if possible, especially on the day of shifting. Luckily, my boss and colleagues were very understanding so making such an arrangement wasn't an issue at all.

Next, my sis-in-law and hubby went Korea on Wed (will be away for 10 days) and had requested for baby-sitting services from my hubby and I. Well, we thought that's not an issue because there's a maid anyway so we are kind of just supervising and making sure that the kids are well taken care of. Anyway, the boy is already 6 years old and the girl is 10 years old. Who knows, my poor nephew got quite ill (running nose, cough, fever, vomiting, rashes) and today, the doctor diagnosed him as having IMS and recommended that I evacuate asap. He's worried that if the virus spread to me, the babies will be affected!

The only thing I can do now is to pray hard that I will not get the virus and my babies will be fine!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Take a break man...

Oh, my... woke up today and whole body aching!! It must be due to the impact of the fall yesterday. Thus, decided to take urgent leave to rest at home... The well-being of the babies and myself is most important at this point of time!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I tripped and fell!!

I had a scare this afternoon. I tripped over a curb and fell while on the way out to lunch at my office carpark! Luckily, I managed to break the fall with my hands! So far, everything's fine except for some aches at my shoulders, due to the impact, I guess ...

I shall observe further and see if I need to visit my gynae tomorrow for a check-up to see if my 2 darlings are ok. Gosh, that was really scary and my 2 colleagues with me were equally shocked and very concerned!! Now, all of us paranoid already and they kept asking me to watch out whenever there's steps or platforms!!

My 2 darlings, so sorry to have caused you some stress!! Mummy will definitely be extra careful in future!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Piggy's feet appearing!!

My my... i am @week 18 and my feet's getting swollen already!! Can't imagine how my feet will look like at third trimester! Well, must be due to water retention but it seems to be happening really early for me! According to the doc, its due to too much walking. Sometimes, it will subside after a night's sleep. Hmmm.. looks real funny... haha...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

First leg cramp in the middle of the night ...

Last night, I was awakened by a sharp pain at my right calf! Having leg cramps!!! I was like screaming away, " ai yo... so PAIN!!" and my hubby was, of course, aroused from his sleep... He started massaging my calf and it felt better after a while... Phew!

The next morning, I asked if he was shocked by my screaming in the middle of the night and he was like "oh, expected la... leg cramps are very common during pregnancy..." Apparently, he knows more about pregnancy issues than I thought!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mystery revealed partially....

Today, at week 17, my gynae did a scan of my 2 little darlings. The upper twin was so cute! It was kicking and punching away... haha... doing morning exercise, i guess. As for the gender, can't figure it out at this moment. The lower twin was also moving here and there and my gynae managed to check out the gender of this little one... and its a boy!! Ha ha, something's sticking out very obviously.