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Sunday, April 29, 2007

More bedrest required

I went for another progesterone jab last Friday and the gynae advised that for the first trimester, I will need more bedrest. Thus, he issued me 1 month of hospitalisation leave so that I can rest at home. Also, I will need to take a jab every 3 days subsequently... Gosh, both sides of my bum bum are already pretty sore from all these jabs!

Hmm... I had really been sleeping quite a lot recently... must be due to the fact that it's a twin pregnancy... ;P

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

red... the taboo colour

I had a scare yesterday. Just when I was about to go to visit my gynae for a scan, I went to the toilet and I see red! It's just a gush of red liquid... Once I reached the clinic, I immediately tell the nurse the symptoms and requested them to put me to see the doc asap. The doc did a scan and it revealed 2 sacs; one with heartbeat already, the other not yet. The doc said that my pregnancy is very unstable and i would need as much rest as possible and minimal movement. The best is not to do anything. He gave me another progesterone jab and wanted me to go back again on Fri for another jab.

I was very worried and even called my parents to come over for the next few days so that I can fully rest well. Although I was very tired when I got home, I could not sleep. Whenever I closed my eyes, my heart just kept pumping very fast. I kept talking to the babies to be strong and fight this battle with me. I am also trying my best to stay positive and be strong!

Luckily, its much better today. There's only little bits of brownish discharge... I really tried my best to minimise movement, even within the house. I am praying hard for everything to be fine.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Feeling giddy and tired...

Due to to double dosage of progesterone tablets, I had been feeling giddy... even now, when I am typing my blog, my head is spinning. Definitely need to go and take a nap after this.

Last night, had another scare again cos there's slight bleeding when I went peeing. I suspected that it is due to the abrasion caused by the use of Crinone insert because I felt some pain when I did the insert before bedtime. I woke up real early and called the clinic to check. The advice given is to observe further and call the clinic if the spotting happen again. Well, so far so good...

btw, I am eating lots of yogurt, hoping that it will clear the infection and the progestrone level will go up. In the morning, I also went to the temple with my husband to pray for a smooth 9 months.

I also had been talking and singing to the embies to encourage them to be strong and fight this battle together with me... ;P Now is the time to keep positive and be strong.... Seriously. I really can't wait for next Tue to do the scan!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh my... another jab required!!

Today, the nursed called to ask me to go down to the clinic for another jab of progestrone. My most recent blood test done yesterday revealed that the progestrone level had dropped dramatically which could be due to the vaginal infection I had, which could had affected the absorption of the vaginal gel, Crinone that I had to use twice daily.

In fact, yesterday, I went down to the clinic too for the gynae to check on the vaginal infection as I kept having brownish discharge the last couple of days. A sample of the particles was taken for further diagonsis and I was prescribed another course of antibiotics and vaginal tablet to try to clear the infection. Really praying hard that this time round, it will clear ...

This week had been pretty crazy, with me visiting the gynae practically everyday, except Wed! Some many unusual symptoms and now the sudden drop in my progestrone hormones! Oh.. btw, the hcg reading is good at 22505.... looks like a high chance of mutiple pregnancy! ;)

Keeping fingers crossed that everything will be all right!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More rest required...

I went for my third blood test on Mon and the HCG reading is 9415. Due to the vaginal infection, I'll need to see the doc again tomorrow around noon for a check and he'll also try scanning to see the number of sacs.

During the dawn hours of Tue morning, I felt some pulling cramps around my lower abdomen and was quite afraid. Furthermore, the discharge I had after peeing was of a weird colour; kinda light brownish... Thus, I went down to the doc first thing the next morning as I was pretty worried.

Upon diagonsis, the doc commented that the pulling cramps could possibly be due to a lack of hormones and stress, thus, he gave me a jab to stabilise my womb and also MC for the rest of the week so that I can have more rest. He did the scan but was only able to confirm that there's one sac (this is only the fifth week, so a little too early to see clearly actually) and commented that there might be one more, but it's not so clear at this stage. He would perform the scan again next week, as well as listen for the babies' heartbeat! So exciting!! I can't wait for next Thur to come!!

As for brownish colour discharge, he wanted me to continue monitoring it as it might be due to the vaginal infection I had earlier.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The 2nd blood test...

I went for the 2nd blood test on Thur and the HCG reading was around 2000. Wow... that's a big jump! According to my sources, there's a high chance of multiple pregnancy... Both my hubby and I are pretty excited and eagerly anticipating end of next week when a scan can be done to confirm how many embryos had implanted successfully.

Today, I had very heavy discharge in the morning, which is like very light greenish globlet of particles... Well, this is due to the Crinone vaginal gel that I had to use to support the embryos. I was quite alarmed so I quickly called up the clinic to check. The nurse advised that I should come in the afternoon so that the doctor can check the problem. Gosh, I was worried upon hearing that.

There was a number of patients and I had to wait for over an hour. After diagnosis, the doctor confirmed that its a vaginal infection and prescribed me some medicine for insertion via the vagina as well as oral. Let's hope this would clear the infection and the embies would not be affected.

Keeping fingers crossed!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Its a BFP!

I just couldn't believe my ears when the nurse called in the afternoon to reveal the results of the blood test. She said I am pregnant!! Gosh, I was like... hmmm... are you sure? She said its definitely positive and the HCG reading is 448.7. I would need to go for another blood test on Thursday as part of the monitoring process.

Aftering putting down the phone, I was in quite a daze and first thing I did was to call my hubby, of course! His response was like "REALLY! CONFIRMED?" I can even "see" his smile as he was asking all the questions to confirm the news! Ha ha... I was so happy that I teared while breaking the news to him...

Actually, as we talked, I told him that this is just the beginning!! I would still need to continue the medication and the doctor would also need to monitor closely the progress throughout these 9 months.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

2nd week of 2WW...

Well, this is now the 2nd week of my 2WW! During the last couple of days I had been experiencing a fair bit of whitish discharge. Just called to check with the nurse and she said it should be ok, unless the discharge causes itchiness or is not clear in colour. Well, I'll monitor and see how it goes.

Monday, April 2, 2007

My progesterone level is up again... Phew!

I went for blood test again last Sat and thank goodness, the reading is good. The progesterone level is at 708, a good level. Phew! I told the nurse that I had been feeling drowsy and she said its a good sign... it's an indication that my body is absorbing the progesterone well. The objective of boosting up the progesterone level is to support and stabilise the embryos.

Oh, and last night, I slept real early again... very tired. And in the middle of the night, I suddenly felt a pulling pain at my left lower abdomen. Just pray that everything's ok...