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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

D-Day is coming...

I went for check-up this morning and the babies are so cramped up that the gynae says there's no way to determine the estimated weight! The reason being that he can't figure out where the legs are! Haha... The babies are pretty active though, squirming here and there when the scan was being done. All we can do is to listen to their heartbeat to know that they are doing well.

As I had been having contractions now and then, my gynae did warned that I could go into labour anytime... If the contractions are at regular intervals and continuous for a few hours, I'll need to alert him immediately! Oh my, on hearing this, it suddenly dawned on me that D-Day could be anytime and my maid will only be coming in this Thursday! Luckily, we had made arrangements to shift in with my parents-in-law by this weekend and she'll be in charge of training the maid. (Well, she has vast experience in this area, having had a maid to help with my sister-in-law's kids since 9 years ago...)

Nevertheless, we discussed with the gynae and booked 23rd November for c-section. That would be 36+ weeks and the twins would be better developed by then. Keeping fingers crossed that they would stay in mummy till then!


Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog for quite some time. So happy for you that D-Day is here.

Wish u a smooth delivery and rem to update us when you are back. Post up some pix of your lovely babies ok.

See u ard..

nafeeza said...

thanks so much for your well-wishes! ya.. i will definitely post my birth story as well as their photos!