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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to increase milk supply when breastfeeding...

I had been reading and asking around about breast feeding because I need to supply milk for 2!! I've heard a lot of recommendations from friends about drink fish and papaya soup and now, finally got the recipe from a friend at motherhood forum! Here it goes....

200g green(unripe) papaya
fish bones or a white fish (eg carp, snakehead, sea bream, pomfret and kurau or threadfin)
slices of ginger

In order not t waste the fish meat, use the bones, head and tail to simmer the soup.

1. Scale and clean the fish.
2. Simmer together with pieces of papaya and ginger for 1-2 hrs or until it becomes soft.
3. Remove the bones before serving it.

To boost milk supply, take consecutively for three days.

For those who opted for c-section, it is recommended to consume this soup only after your wound has healed.

Happy breastfeeding!! ;P

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