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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pain in pubic area...

Since yesterday, I had been experiencing pain around my pubic area, especially when I stood up after sitting for some time. The pain is so bad that I had to just stand still for a while before I start walking!! And I had to walk like a tortise because each step taken just added to the pain... Even changing position when lying down causes the pain! Arghhh...

I called my gynae this morning and the nurse said that the pain could be due to the babies pressing on some ligaments near the pubic area. I was told to observe further and come down to see my gynae if the pain gets worse.

Well, I am not too sure if this pain is due to SPD (symphysis publis dysfunction), otherwise known as pelvic joint pain. I shall observe further the symptoms and discuss with my gynae during my next visit.

Really hope that the pain will go away soon! I had been talking to my babies to be good and not press on mummy's ligaments.

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