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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The final countdown.... 2 more days to go!

D-day is just 2 days away! My c-section is scheduled this Fri, 23 Nov @8.30am. During yesterday's check-up, everything is going well. My gynae was very pleased that I managed to hold the twins till now and asked me to endure for just another couple more days! keke...

I checked with him about my itch problem and also pain at the left wrist and he said that these symptoms could all be due to water retention. Once the water retention goes off after pregnancy (could take a few days or a few weeks), all these symptoms should subside.

After the check-up, we went for a family dinner at Wen Yan Lou at Jurong East. My hubby parked at the multi-storey carpark and there's a pillar near the front car door when I got out of the car. I told my hubby that its too narrow for me but he insisted that it should be fine. My mother-in-law helped me and indeed, I managed to get out of the car. The gap was just nice... keke... Then we realised that I am trapped because the gap between the pillar and car is too narrow for me to get through!! Ha ha... The scene was really quite comical!! In the end, my hubby had to drive a little forward so that I can move from behind and get out from the other side!! All of us had a good laugh over this incident.

The food is pretty good; I enjoyed the seafood claypot and bamboo clams best! My sister-in-law indeed made a few great choices! Marcus, my godson, as usual, was very curious and fasinated by my bulging tummy and kept putting his ears to my tummy to detect movements or crying, keke...

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